It’s amazing!

Last summer 2010,  Lawrence R Dagstine died! That’s right. After being caught selling reprints are First Rights to small presses, he was blacklisted. Then suddenly he dies! Suicide!

Hold on, it gets better…

Suddenly, he ended up in a hospital in NY that had a phone number which ended up being an apartment. The apartment was no where near a hospital.

Then he disappears.

Until now. Get ready folks. Dagstine is the resurrection!

That’s right. The cyberbully and terrorist is back from the afterlife and ready to inflict more literary damage to your eyeballs.


Personally, I can’t wait. I was getting bored.



Well, we always said Dagstine’s bullcrap would catch up to him, and it has.

Our favourite village idiot has been caught selling First Rights to his reprints. Chris over at M-Brane magazine searched out Dagstine’s submission and found it was a reprint, and that Daggy had been trying to get full pay for it! This has forced Chris to not only reject Daggy, but change the submissions policy for M-Brane to state no reprints.

On top of that, the guys at Neurcotic Tissue have also caught Dagstine out trying to do the same thing.

I can tell you for a fact, that this news is spreading around the internet to other editors faster than Dagstine’s divorce is moving through court. I say Dagstine has made himself persona non grata at many magazines now. Getting published will prove to be difficult for Larry the Lunkhead.

Moreover, the fact that Dagstine’s wife had to get a restraining order against him tells us alot about the kind of person he really is.

For more details, check out the rusty nail wordpress blog. It’s full of Daggy smackdown fun!

Our fun-loving thief is at it again. Only this time it was an older post. He used a scarecrow image from artist John Oless to advertise his upcoming work.

Then Dagstine goes apeshit at the Shocklines forum, accusing Shanari–once again–of being someone she is not. (I love the way Matt deleted all the threads. Good thing screengrabs save everything as evidence!)

Shanari is a woman. Not a man. Understand?

I have stated before that the Johaha Team is a team of five people. Although we have replaced one person, we are five individuals who love tearing down this cyber-bully and racist scumbag. Shanari may not be a member of the Johaha Team, but she sure is doing a good job. Maybe we’ll ask her to be the sixth team member.

Dagstine, you are the one with the obsession. You’re obsessed that this fella is stalking you. Get a life! If he were so angry at you, he’d come out and face you wiht his real ID.  I bet you the farm that this fella of yours doesn’t even know you exist or that you are even having these little fits of delusion. (I’ve spoken to Shanari, and she never claimed to be Raffaella.  You assumed she was. YOU MORON.)

If you are so sure it is this Raffaella guy, then why don’t you do the sensible thing and contact him personally.

But you won’t. Because you are afraid of being wrong. Because if you’re wrong, it would prove to you that you are mentally unhinged, and you can’t face that fact.


Well, as if Dagstine couldn’t get any lower. Actually, he could and he did.

Dagstine has stolen “Robot in Love” by Rudy-Jan Faber and used in on his website without permission.

I know for a fact that he did not get permission because a friend of mine contacted Mr Faber. Mr Faber stated that he did not give permission to Dagstine and that he would contact him about it.

If Dagstin does remove the image, we’ve got screengrabs to document Dagstine’s illegal activity.

OOPS! Dagstine, you know that ripping off graphic artists is going to make your name mud. Word about that gets around FAST.

But there you are, the big bully, who always didn’t care about the property of other people.  So you deserve it.

In other news, Dagstine pimps his new novella, Maurice and the Urbanites. Firstly, this thing is racist and heavily stereotyped. Secondly, cyberpunk as it was written in the day is DEAD and OUTDATED.  Shit, even Gibson doesn’t write it anymore.

But to top it off, he is going to self-publish it because no small press wil buy racist stereotypes, nor do they want a guy who doesn’t sell.

Well done, Dagstine! You’ve managed to steal from another artist, AND you’ve managed to go backward into self-publishing.

You’re such a joke, kid.

Dagstine Teaches How to FAIL

February 13, 2010

Having gotten his ass handed to him on SL on more than one occassion by real writers, our “hero” Flea Market Larry ties to teach the masses how to write bad fiction. It reads more like a sad attempt by some lame dude to justify his bad decisions.

“This conversation always seems to come up whenever my name is made in passing in certain industry circles, regarding that “Prolific Hack” Lawrence R. Dagstine.  This time it came via Facebook a few days ago by a person we’ll call Chubbs. “

Trust me, Larrt, people in “da industry” don’t talk about you because no one knows who the blue fuck you are! That’s right, you are a non-entity. You don’t exist in the world of real publishing.

If there’s one thing I’m known for, it’s helping other writers find markets for their work.”

For the Luv markets don’t count, Larry. But thanks anyway. And I love the way you try and make out as though you are well known for helping others. The only thing you are known for is bullying and threatening.

“Hi, my name is Lawrence.  I’m a hack writer who made roughly $5000.00 in 2009 from the written word.  Cash.  Mojo.  Bling.”

Basically, have a secondary income coming in on a fairly repetitive basis.”

At least he admits he’s a hack. Well done, Larry.

And you are a liar. I know for a fact you did not make $5000 from writing. I know you made that from being a government mooch and taking welfare from hard-working citizens with jobs. Welfare is for people who need it, Larry, not lazy shits like you.

“Once again, that $5000.00 was from part-time writing, not full-time.  This came from short fiction, short non-fiction, selling Dagstine mags and wares in Coney Island . . .”

I call bullshit on that. And the only reason he went selling his books at a flea market is because his little “book” didn’t sell very well. I doubt he sold ten copies from the “publisher”.

“Remember, only you are responsible for your own destiny.”

Thanks for that bit of arm-chair philosophy, Flea Market Larry.

You are correct, though. We are responsible for ourselves. I work a day job, pay my bills, and worked a secondary job as an editor. I just got pay $22,000 for a two month gig. That’s more than you’ve made in your 15 years of writing crap.

Yes, I have been responsible for myself, and being responsible got me real paying gigs.

So why don’t you be responsible and get some real work.

Daggy sure has been opening up new cans of stupid all over the place.

First, he pushes his crap coming out in Nova. First of all, who the hell is Nova? Well, after a little research–you know, Daggy, research–I found them to be, well, a big, fat NOBODY.

If you want a whole lotta crazy, read their guidelines; they actually want you to send them proof of your education, so that they can consider your work and pay you half a cent a word–below semi-pro rates.

Okay. Sure. I’m gonna prove myself to some little nobody publication that can’t even pay properly. NOT! Who do they think they are? Asimov’s?

Wait. It gets better. Next, he tries to give Vern, publisher of Phobia, some advice on blurbs. HUH?  He tries to get Vern to see how the positive review he got from someone was not worth having. Now, that is rich coming from a nobody like Dagstine. Dagstine first needs to be recognised as a name and not the jackass he is.

Seriously, Daggy, everyone I know in “da industree” has no clue who you are. The odd few who have heard your name think you are a moron.

If you’re thinking of starting a magazine, don’t. You tried that once and look what happened.

You’re toast, Daggy. Dry and unwanted.

And the best of all–this: Daggy pimps Satirica as being nominated for an IPPY Award, as if that were some great feet.

First, Dagstine, you cannot be nominated for an IPPY.

What happens is you pay money to enter a book.  So the guy who put together Satirica paid up. Then, you simply wait to see if you won first, second or third place. THERE ARE NO NOMINATIONS!

You pay and they say yes or no to your work. Simple as that.

The fact the someone like Harvard Press can enter does not give it legitimacy. You’re still paying money, and no respectable award asks you to pay money.

Next up, Daggy’s new story, “Plague Planet”. Get ready for a bowel moving experience.

A Johaha Team Update:

Well, Lawrence Dagstine is spewing the shit all over the place today.

In his thread at Whispers of Wickedness, Daggy states: ” Sam’s Dot Publishing has come a long way in the last ten years, its authors being nominated for such awards as the Nebula, the Hugo,”

Uh, that is NOT really the truth. Samsdot publications have not been nominated for any major awards because they have never gotten beyond the rigorous voting process that leads to nomination.

Oh, they may have the odd Hugo winning author, but no author in a Samsdot publication has won with a piece in a Samdot publication.

Once again, Dagstine doens’t know his facts.

And the good people at Whispers know Daggy is talking shit, too. They know how the voting process works. Daggy does not.

To be fair, one or two authors have won the Rysling Award for SF Poetry, but that is no big deal.

In regard to writing, he likes to think he knows how to get it done and succeed. Larry uses a rather stupid analogy here and states: “If someone tells you there is only one way to cross a street, well, you and I both know that that is ridiculous…”

Again, no. There is only one way to cross the street and that is straight across. Not sideways or zig-zag, but straight across to the PROS.

If you want to be successful in the PROS, submit to the PROS and don’t stop until you get in. Credits from non-paying or token paying markets won’t help you any.

And no disrespect to small publishers like Samsdot, but it is next to impossible that a small press will get you into the PROS. They don’t have the money, the clout or connections to advance your career.

Larry is about to learn that the small press will be about as successful as his self-published books at xlibris.

Get a clue, Larry.

Daggy Equals Dumbass

February 25, 2009

You’ve got to love this guy’s tenacity. Like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps going and going.

Okay, maybe not so cute as the Energizer Bunny; maybe a balding, fat, closet homo, self-interested evil bunny.

His latest is to terrorize handicapped women and mentor new writers too innocent to realize who they are dealing with. The idea of this guy mentoring anyone with the skills of writing is laughable, considering Daggy’s own writing is so bad he actually PAYS someone to edit his work and make it readable.

Pay? Yes, pay.  If he is on benefits, as he once claimed, then how can he afford to pay someone a few hundred to edit–or rather rewrite–his work? As Mike Brenden astutely observed:

Given one page equals 250, by her formula, a 20 page story     costs $120 on average if she charges by the page, $350 if she charges by the word.

On average she charges seven cents per word, which even if Daggy sold said work to a pro paying market (by SFWA rules), he’s out $100!

And yet he claims to make money…”

Since his only appearances seem to be free markets, or markets that pay peanuts,there is no way he can afford this. Maybe he used the illusionary $1000 for his fake Coney Island gig.

If he is so hard up for cash, getting money from family, welfare, then he can’t afford to pay out like this.

Daggy, feed your family, for God’s sake! And get a fucking job, you mooch!

Well, girlfriends are great, particularly those who let you use their computers.

Daggy may have put my friendship with my land lord in jeopardy, but life goes on.

With that in mind, time for an update. (My friend/landlord is going to hate me for continuing this blog, but again, life goes on…To be fair I can’t update all the time, and Rusty and others are better at it than I…)

” I know there’s one rumor going around where my name is supposedly Lorenzo and I’m Italian-American”

—Daggy’s been wondering why rumours have been going around that his name is Lorenzo D’Agostino.  Well……that’s because it is!

“I never stalked Rusty Nail

—Really? Have you forgotten this?

He seems to forget that all his words are screen saved.

Next, he goes to a museum to do research into Egypt and he thinks that will help him write an Egypt-themed  story. Uh-huh.

“Will it have lots of mummies and real mystery?”

—Mystery? Not if you’re writing it.

“Will it involve Cleopatra?”

—Who cares?

“Will it showcase ancient gods and pyramids in an adventure the likes you’ve never read?”

––If experience is anything to go by, then whatever you write I guarantee I’ve read it before.

“Sound juicy so far?”

––About as juicy as that fart I just ripped.

“Well, you better stay tuned then…”

—–*grabs remote and switches channels*

And in a bid to get us all excited, dig this. Look at this awful fucking cover for his Samsdot “book”. Yeah, I use the word “book” lightly.

If I were him, I’d fire the artist. What a load of cheesy crap. It’s like those bad sci fi movies they make for the sci fi channel. BAD.

But hey, I mustn’t be too hard on the guy.He’s got “fans” all over. A “real” book.  He got paid $1000 for a project on Coney Island—oh, then he backtracked and said he hadn’t been paid… He’s an expert on Egypt because he went to a museum for a day. He’s an expert on polio and cancer. He never stalked or threatened anyone. He never turned my friend against me.

Of course he didn’t.

Say it isn’t so? Johaha is down for the count? Out the door and in the street? Has he been put in a strangle hold from which he might never recover?

Well, Daggy is an inventive chap, I must say. He managed to infiltrate my landlord and friend and work his dark magic upon his soul. My actions are now suspect. I’ve been put on limited access to the net. Good work Daggy, I must admit.

What I can’t see is how my friend could be taken in by this guy, after all the crap he put him through in the past. How could my friend be so stupid?

The score: manages to get my friend and landlord to limit my access to the internet and make my friend suspicious of my motives. Daggy gets one point.

HOWEVER: there are always internet cafes. I also have other friends who let me hop on their computers.  There are also the other members of the Johaha Team who can carry on without me being online. Johaha Team gets two points.

And there is always Rusty to rely on:

Strangle-hold? Almost. Almost. I must admit my legs did jerk there for a minute and my face turn blue…

But I’m still breathing.